The Park was created in November 28th 1996, by law number 24749 with the general objective of natural and cultural diversity conservation, providing sustainable development of activities to each zone of conservation area.
The National Park among the Hydric Reserves of Achala Province, are noted for their value as protectors of the headwaters of river basins which supply more than 60% of the population of Cordoba.
Is located in the west of the province of Córdoba, in the departments of Punilla , Santa María and San Alberto, including a portion of the Pampa de Achala -between 1.900 and 2.300 meters high- and neighbors brook over the central cord of the Sierras Grandes of Córdoba.
It belongs to dry Chaco eco-region, in the Chaco sierra district. This eco-region it’s made of a vast plain gently sloping to the east.
The dominant vegetation is tall pastures with isolated tabaquillo groves, similar to the characteristic Argentinean Northwest. For its quality of "biogeographic island," one of the most remarkable features of the area is the presence of an appreciable number of endemic species and subspecies of the high peaks of these mountains. For example,fauna has two amphibians – two kinds of toads – and two reptiles Achala own –a green lizard and a listed snake-.
The red fox presents a typical breed of these mountains. Among the birds we have recognized several exclusive breeds from this place.
The Quebrada del Condorito, which gives its name to the protected area, it’s a deep ravine in V shape of 800 meters high and 1500 meters in its widest part; from upper edges is feasible to observe almost at the same level the smooth glide of Andean condors. This specie, typical from the Cordillera, has here a population that in the last decade showed its decline for the killing that was subjected by farmers.